A time of soul-searching for Singapore’s semiconductor industry

May 9, 2019 – Singapore is one of the most expensive high-tech manufacturing locations globally, unlike Taiwan, South Korea, and China. These nations have focused on semiconductors as a key economic pillar for over 40 years, and they are reaping the benefits. They continue to enable a competitive semiconductor environment.

Elsewhere, in New York, the Empire State Development Board supports 13 centers of excellence to foster collaboration in high technology. In Europe, the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership program offers a multibillion public-private initiative to support development of electronic components and systems.

33 years after Singapore began its semiconductor journey, its global credentials are in jeopardy. While still a respected regional semiconductor hub, it falls behind world leaders such as the US, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, and China.

How can stakeholders energize growth to launch Singapore back to the global stage?

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