At IGSS Ventures Pte Ltd (IGSSV), we focus on building companies with competitive advantages in ground-breaking technologies and services that deliver operational excellence and disruptive innovations going beyond Moore’s Law. As investors and entrepreneurs who run our current portfolio of businesses, we are one-of-a-kind technology investment holding company, globally, designed to be a one-stop semiconductor solutions hub.

With both technical and operation know-how and proven commercialisation capabilities, we offer flexible investment, joint-venture and other partnership structures that unlock substantial commercial value, deliver enhanced margins over reduced timeframes and accelerate time-to-market.

Helmed by an experienced leadership team that oversees a strategic ecosystem of  global industry pioneers, technology specialists and cutting-edge research infrastructure, IGSS Ventures commercialises disruptive technologies through optimal business models for applications across these domains:

  • Advanced ICT: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data storage and transmission
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Robotics and Automation
  • Life Sciences: Biotech, Medical Sensors, LIDAR, Renewable Energy
  • Operational Efficiencies: Plant Operational Excellence, Programme Management and Build-Operate-Manage-Transfer (BOMT) Fab
  • Smart Mobility: Autonomous and  Electric Vehicles, 5G, Drone Technology, Clean Energy

Vision: To be among the top three global leaders in disruptive semiconductor technologies delivering valuable socio-economic returns in the domains we serve.

Mission: To be a one-stop semiconductor solutions hub led by innovative entrepreneurs enabling commercialisation and adoption of promising technologies through optimal business models, international network of specialists and win-win partnerships that resolve global challenges, support equitable growth and protect the planet.


This philosophy is the foundation of who we are as leaders and collaborators and underscores the importance we place in investing in businesses and people passionate about realising disruptive technologies for long-term value creation, growth and profitability while creating a sustainable future.


We take pride in leading a portfolio of businesses and partnerships focused in driving transformative technology innovations for the greater good – enabling economic development, empowering people and enhancing the quality of life around the world.

“The unprecedented pace of technological change means that our systems of health, transportation, communication, production, distribution, and energy – just to name a few – will be completely transformed. With advances in robotics and artificial intelligence in the context of aging societies, we will have to move from a narrative of production and consumption toward one of sharing and caring.” - At Davos 2019

- Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum -


We are powered by people with relentless passion, in-depth knowledge and a world-view.

Niche Technologies that Combine the Best of Two Worlds

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Integrating the highly efficient and cost-effective Silicon CMOS world with the cutting-edge and high-performance Compound Semiconductor world

Integrated R&D for Reduced Gestation Period and Accelerated Speed-to-Market

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Combining the best of entrepreneurship, international R&D partnerships and world-class mass production capabilities for cost efficiencies in investment while doubling the speed of commercialisation

Collaborative Mindset for Customised Solutions

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The element of win-win or triple-win partnerships is the backbone to our commitment in delivering customised niche technologies and services to meet current and future needs

300+ years of Combined Industry Experience

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Our in-depth and diverse industry know-how is backed by global technologists and semiconductor pioneers, putting us in the forefront of transformative solutions with demonstrated commercial benefits

Disruptive Innovations with Hybrid Business & Technology Models

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Founded on a combination of innovative technologies and extensive industry expertise to offer a one-stop semiconductor solutions hub with flexible investment, joint-venture and other partnership structures to unlock substantial commercial value
Raj Kumar

Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, IGSS Ventures

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