SGX-Euromonitor Investing in Semiconductors

Raj Kumar, Founder and Group CEO presents at the Semiconductor Seminar, alongside speakers from Euromonitor, AEM and RAM Group.

He discusses the world’s rapidly changing landscape driven by megatrends, emerging eight technologies and semiconductors’ advancing capabilities pivotal to digitalisation.

Providing investor-attendees insights to frontier semiconductor solutions driving miniaturisation, power efficiencies, scalability & affordability, Raj posits that IoT, AI, Industry 4.0, 5G for e.g are driving growth of revolutionary technologies responsible for socio-economic shifts. IGSS Ventures, through its focus of driving clients’ commercialisation capabilities in GaN-on-Si and Silicon Photonics, aims to re-position Singapore at the forefront of global niche innovations in semiconductors.

Click the image above to watch Raj’s presentation or click here for the panel session.