IGSS Ventures, IGaN, RAM Group, quantum sensor

RAM Group and IGaN partnership to commercialise world’s first Single-point Quantum Sensor for Continuous Full-Body healthcare monitoring

RAM Group, IGSS Ventures, IGSS GAN, IGaN, quantum sensor

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and niche semiconductor technologies extend sensor applications into US$23B multi-sector opportunity in 2020

Singapore, October 23, 2019 – Locally-based technology providers RAM Group in multi-parametric, single-point bio-electro-mechanical quantum sensor technology and IGSS GAN Pte Ltd (IGaN) fabrication experts in 8” gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) announces today the world’s most advanced clinically-validated Quantum Device Sensor (QDS) providing non-invasive, continuous whole-body organ system monitoring.

Demonstrated at an exclusive technology preview held in the city centre, the QDS is billed as one of the most advanced sensors of its kind for an array of healthcare applications and wearables. Integrating proprietary Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) engine to produce a new level of actionable data, it is poised to transform the way critical diseases and health problems are detected, diagnosed and understood, sooner with less stress and cost.

“Traditional sensors have reached the peak of their capacity to perform and only look at one parameter at a time. This necessitates a spectrum of costly, separate tests that are often too invasive, too specific or require frequent re-calibration to produce accurate results. And none are capable of full-body, continuous monitoring,” began Ayal Ram, CEO and Founder, RAM Group, at the event.

“QDS addresses the need for small, ultra-low power, non-invasive sensor that can simultaneously and continuously detect electrical and mechanical data from the human body. In commercialising with IGaN, we aim to be a key player in furthering Singapore’s AI-based healthcare goals by tapping into the Internet of Things, big data and quantum
sensing for more equitable access to innovative medical care,” said Ram.

Raj Kumar, Founder and Group CEO of IGSS Ventures Pte Ltd, of which IGaN is a subsidiary, explained, “Successful clinical trialling and QDS’ market-readiness is case in point for the untapped opportunities in niche semiconductors like GaN-on-Si, particularly as a superior replacement for silicon chips. We are excited as this partnership  demonstrates IGaN’s in-depth know-how in cost-competitive commercialising and accelerating time-to-market of GaN-on-Si-based technologies. It additionally cements our strategic value-add as A*Star’s official licensee in this space and in advancing Singapore’s potential as a global innovation hub in emerging semiconductor applications.”

Among the first commercially-ready healthcare application is the quantum Cardiorespiratory Monitor, or qCRM™ which includes the QDS inside a comfortable wearable device that is powered by AGI capabilities in quantum bio-signal analytics. Generating  comprehensive full-body diagnosis and analysis, it produces more data sets with the potential to aid immediate and hyper-accurate diagnosis of illness or disorder in the heart, lungs and other organs.
Creating an ecosystem to deliver patients the best odds, cost savings from unnecessary procedures, lessen emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions, RAM Group also aims to advance the potential in expediting clinical trials allowing new therapies to reach patients faster. 

It is expected to be commercially available in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Ayal Ram, CEO and Founder of RAM Group (extreme right) demonstrating QDS’ advanced capabilities in generating comprehensive cardio-pulmonary diagnosis from a Single-Point Monitoring (SPM) chip as Raj Kumar, Founder and Group CEO, IGSS Ventures (centre background) watches