SilTerra Technologies in Mobility Symposium

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Speaker: Raj Kumar

Multiplier Effect of NextGen Automotive Semiconductor Tech: Transforming Automotive, Mobility and More

The automotive market has seldom experienced many simultaneous disruptions, evidenced at CES 2019 that focused in emerging technology for self-driving cars and electric vehicles of the future. Mobility innovations, including services and connectivity will influence semiconductor companies and redefine partnerships along the wider Mobility value chain.

At the forefront of emerging niche technologies sits IGSS Ventures’ approach to integrate the highly efficient and cost-effective Silicon CMOS world with the cutting-edge and high-performance Compound Semiconductor world. This crucial integration, delivered via a hybrid business model, is the strategic collaboration between IGSS Ventures, its group of companies, CompoundTek and IGaN, with their strategic fab partner, SilTerra.

The collaboration spearheads the next generation Mobility technologies focusing on GaN-on-Si and Silicon Photonics, bringing to the market a competitive edge to drive advancements beyond Mobility.

GaN-on-Si facilitates product miniaturisation and longer battery life, key to 5G, power devices and sensors, whilst Silicon Photonics enable chip-to-chip level optical communication to drastically improve data throughput in a data-hungry world.  The multiplier effect of innovations in semiconductor technologies leapfrogs growth in IoT, AI, healthcare and wearables – changing the way we live, work, play, and brings us closer to realising goals in Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and space tourism!